Crime Wave  is the first and only news app to give the user real time data about the crimes occurring in the city around them. The app provides a color ratings based on how safe your current geographic location is. Crime Ratings range from Minimal (Blue), Low (Green), Moderate (Yellow), Elevated (Orange), High (Red), and Severe (Dark Red). The safety rating is a unique algorithm based on the types of crime, the frequency of crimes in the area, how far away the crime occurred and how long ago the crime occurred all based on the users current location.

The main screen will reflect your current local crime data

 Are you new to the area?

  • Local News

  • Super Fast 

  • Crime data is available for all 50 states and 500+ cities in the USA

  • Super Simple

  • Suggested safety rating based on legacy crime data and ongoing crime trends for your location. 

  • Breaking News

Crime Wave keeps you Informed

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